Developing New Products with Chinese Suppliers

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Developing New Products with Chinese Suppliers

At OMIBJ we frequently assist our clients with developing new products in China. Apart from the legal framework necessary (such as NDA’s with suppliers), it is essential that the supplier and the client are on the same page. Our clients need to understand supplier’s capacity and ability.  Vice versa, the suppliers needs to have an equally important understanding of the client’s product and vision. Through this product development process, we manage the communication, production and consistently ensure all problems that potentially arise are dealt with on our client’s behalf.

AT OMIBJ, we source supplier’s that meet our client’s requirements and check that they have a reputable track record. Yet with regards to their capacity, it is important to keep in mind that supplier’s will have other clients and ongoing productions that will affect production/tooling timelines considerably. Timelines and quality controls are crucial whilst developing new products, with which OMIBJ can assist you with.

How does OMIBJ help with developing new products in China?

With over 10 years of product sourcing and product development experience, we have encountered different product requirements and have gathered substantial experience developing product with Chinese suppliers. To list some of the sectors that we’ve developed products in:

  • Plastics moulds & manufacture
  • Metal equipment and machinery
  • Metals tooling
  • Packaging
  • Electronic components
  • Wood
  • Glass and ceramics

We generally separate the product development process into two main stages:

  • Stage I: Design, Prototyping and Engineering Control & Development
  • Stage II: Manufacturing Development, Production & Delivery

By separating the product development/tooling stage with the actual production stage, we are able to precisely communicate with the potential supplier your vision and product needs. It allows us to negotiate the pricing for tooling and the main production and with sampling & prototypes in place, we can ensure that the supplier clearly understands the requirements/vision. With OMIBJ at your side, we will help you realize your product from sketch to actual mass production.

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