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Transporting goods from China

Getting your goods from China to your warehouse or destination of choice may seem complicated at first. It may even affect your decision of outsourcing your production to China, though it shouldn’t. With goods shipped globally everyday, there are a wide variety of shipping options to choose from. With OMiBJ at your side, we will guide you to the next best shipping option for your specific consignment.

How do I receive my goods from China?

The first aspect to consider is how quickly do you need your products? Sending goods via air freight might be your best bet if these are needed urgently. In this case the goods are flown to the nearest airport and the delivered to the agreed destination. This option is fairly expensive and generally unadvisable for large consignments. If you have a small sized consignment with regards to size and gross weight, using air freight couriers such as DHL, Fed Ex, TNT or others can be a sensible solution.

If you don’t need your goods from China urgently and are willing to wait for a month after the production is complete, shipping them with a boat is the preferred and most common option. Suppliers selected and sourced by OMiBJ have experience shipping goods globally and are familiar with the related processes, such as bringing the goods to the port and clearing the necessary documentation for shipping.

A perk of using a boat is that you can select if you want to have your own 20 or 40 foot container or share a container with others. The two terms here are FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load); FCL is considered the cheapest option when shipping goods from China, though it is most feasible when the consignment is using up most of the 20 or 40 foot container. Alternatively, sharing a container via LCL may be a better option for you if the consignment is smaller. It should be noted that if you do pick an FCL container, it will be sealed at the port of dispatch and only opened upon arrival, which may offer a higher degree of safety for your goods from China.

Common Shipping Documents:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice

All of these will be issued by the supplier and we will manage this aspect of your production & shipment respectively. Additional documents may apply for specific countries. For the United Arab Emirates, COO (certificate of origin) are necessary for every consignment. At OMiBJ, we have experience shipping goods from China to all over the world. We will get you the best and most sensible shipping solution for your next consignment.

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