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Our Man in Beijing was established in early 2007 with the aim of encouraging and fostering foreign interaction in China.

By acting as a stepping stone and providing a trusted point of contact for companies and individuals alike our China knowledge has helped our many clients to gain a clearer understanding of the realities of working or visiting China.

The Our Man in Beijing organisation utilizes a number of expat professionals and companies, all with solid experience of China and an excellent understanding of Chinese culture and language. With international standards of project management being the key component to delivering satisfaction to our clients, we continue to bring greater rewards to both our clients, our Chinese business partners and ourselves.

All our employees speak and read a high level of Chinese. This allows OMiBJ executives to clearly understand every part of the project from initial engagement to potential Chinese suppliers, through contract negotiation and then throughout actual production and delivery.

Our Man in Beijing effectively works as your own office in China, dealing with production developments, issues or logistics in a real-time manner removing poor communication and distance project management from your investment.

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