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Product Sourcing

OMiBJ employs a proven, structured process to ensure that each product is sourced correctly and manufactured according to the required standard. Our product sourcing division is extremely well connected to quickly identify manufacturers for your desired product.

After an initial review of suitable suppliers OMiBJ will provide results and recommendations to the client. Once an ideal supplier is agreed our verification procedures are initiated (including background checks, financial status review, international client experience etc.).

Our project management team then assists with any project clarifications, and developing the project management plan.

We have a three-tier process for our product sourcing service:

  1. Phase One – Pre-Production
    • Supplier Sourcing & Evaluation (report)
    • Supplier verification (site visit & background/credit report)
    • Quality Control list development & recommendations
    • Product sample evaluation
  1. Phase Two – Production
    • Quality Control implementation
    • Product inspection
    • Shipping management preparation
    • Production report
  1. Phase Three – Post Production
    • Pre-shipment inspection
    • Defect sorting
    • Shipping plan implementation
    • Continuing planning
    • Project final report

Our Man in Beijing provides you project efficiency, quality and reliability to global standards