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Quality Control

Using the prepared and agreed upon check lists (English and Chinese translated versions), we will ensure that all production processes run at optimum and that control testing is applied appropriately and to the same standards as the approved pre-production sample or prototype.

There are 3 general stages for production control. They are as follows:

  1. Quality Assurance development
  2. Product Quality Control
  3. Defect Sorting/ Pre-shipment Inspection


Quality Assurance (QA)

An initial review of the manufacturers QA plan is performed by OMiBJ and our recommendations are made. The production is then regularly reviewed to ensure optimum output. In conjunction with both the client and the manufacturer, OMiBJ will provide updates & recommendations based on developments. Any product design or development deviations are completely re-evaluated for new quality assurance protocol.


Quality Control (QC)

QC inspections of the facilities and products can be undertaken offsite/onsite at various stages of production. If an area of concern is identified, an immediate review is performed and reported to the client. Our vigilant quality control practice is especially good for very large production scales/orders where different production batch quality can vary considerably.


Pre-shipment & Defect Sorting

These inspections take place near the end of/after production has been completed. For ongoing projects, these checks would be performed at the end of each batch before shipment. Samples are selected from the warehouse pre-shipment and based on the international standard Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) the completed product are inspected for product safety, packaging defects, product functionality, colour and other pre-agreed specifications. Defect Sorting takes place prior to the product batch leaving the factory for loading onto the transport ship. A consignment is randomly inspected to identify any faulty/ below standard production patterns.