Chinese New Year & Productions

During national holidays, most Chinese factories still have some operations though during the Chinese New Year, all factories will be completely closed. This usually is a one week national holiday based on the lunar calendar, meaning it won’t be on the same date every year. The actual effect it has [...]

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Chinese Product Safety

A common concern of importing products from China is Chinese product safety. Yet a rather uncommonly known aspect is that consumer/product safety is a very big deal for the Chinese domestic market. On March 15th is the annual World Consumer Rights Day which is a very important date and even [...]

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Made in China – An Overview

What goods are made in China? In 2014, 23% of all goods in the United States were made in China. It is very likely that you own something that was made in China. In fact a large variety of products are still manufactured in China, such as the following sectors: Agriculture/Food [...]

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NDA in China

At Our Man in Beijing, we set up an NDA with every supplier before forwarding our client’s intellectual property. Our non-disclosure agreements for potential suppliers are bilingual (Chinese & English) and we double-check that each supplier signs and stamps the document with the government issues Chinese company chop. To briefly [...]

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Chinese Payment Terms

How do I pay my Chinese Supplier? Money is easily transferred by your bank to a foreign account, usually this includes some sort of a transaction fee. This applies to any transaction that you will make to your selected Chinese supplier(s). Before you make a transaction to a factory, you [...]

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Producing in China

3 Key-Aspects to consider when producing in China: Oversea productions are tricky, especially if you cannot easily contact and visit the factory when necessary. The same principle applies when you are producing in China. Apart from quality control, supplier management and global shipping,  there are 3 aspects to consider when [...]

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Problem Solving with Chinese Suppliers

At OMiBJ, we thrive for mutually beneficial business relationships between our clients and our Chinese suppliers. We elevate your business goals by selecting the best possible supplier, maintaining regular communication and supervision. As with doing business anywhere, there are occasional miscommunications and in worse situations even disputes with your business [...]

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Transporting goods from China

Getting your goods from China to your warehouse or destination of choice may seem complicated at first. It may even affect your decision of outsourcing your production to China, though it shouldn’t. With goods shipped globally everyday, there are a wide variety of shipping options to choose from. With OMiBJ [...]

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Benefits of a QC Inspection

Outsourcing your production allows you to reduce production costs & overheads and increase profit margins significantly. It also builds successful business relationships & creates opportunity for more business. Naturally risks are involved and determining the best way to decrease these risks is very important. One simple yet super effective implementation is [...]

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Pre-Production Sample

Pre-production samples are a key aspect for production in China. It will serve as a point of reference for the supplier and for yourself. When will a pre-production sample be helpful? During the product development stage, designers and managers often facing different obstacles such as appearance, functionality and innovation. The [...]

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