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Benefits of a QC Inspection

Outsourcing your production allows you to reduce production costs & overheads and increase profit margins significantly. It also builds successful business relationships & creates opportunity for more business. Naturally risks are involved and determining the best way to decrease these risks is very important. One simple yet super effective implementation is to have a solid quality control plan in place, a QC inspection.

A QC Inspection at OMiBJ is done with the international standard ISO2859-1 Single Sampling Plan, these are proven and used throughout the world. The general inspection requirements cover to key areas in line with the product specifications 1) functionality 2) aesthetics. For specific goods, there may be special additional requirements such as performance, safety, reliability or other product and/or specific tests.

The inspections are separated into three levels…level I, level II and level III. At OMiBJ, we generally apply level II to inspections as it covers a sampling size of the production that reflects the production. For productions with a higher degree of discretion, a level III inspection is considerable. We usually don’t suggest level I inspections due to a low sampling size which can leave too many gaps. For a production to pass a level II AQL standard QC inspection, there may be no critical defects and a very small amount of major or minor defects.  At all times the client makes the decision on whether our recommendation is a pass or fail.

If your production is complete but hasn’t passed the inspection, then it’s doubling important to have OMiBJ managing production on-site in China. We ensure that payments to the supplier are split into a pre-production and post production method. These payment terms are key to protecting your investment and ensuring that production is completed to the best of the supplier’s ability. It also provides leverage to have the consignment perfected if there are defects discovered in the final QC phase. Of course, you as the client want your goods and the supplier naturally wants the rest of the payment. OMiBJ will try to negotiate a sensible solution for both parties.

Lastly, I just want to clarify the importance of what needs to be inspected. Based on the production requirements the Quality Control plan is developed by OMiBJ in conjunction with our clients. Our broad experience provides insight and feedback where necessary.

Core Benefits of a QC Inspection:

  • Prevents shipment of defective goods
  • Allows corrective measures for found defects
  • Improves the manufacturing process for future orders

With our proven track record of over 10 years of sourcing goods from China, we have encountered a wide range of products being made and inspected, allowing you to fully trust OMiBJ with your next consignment and a product-relevant Quality Control plan and inspection.

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