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‘Whether its product sourcing, product development, SCM or shipping management our services are guaranteed to save you time and money’

We know this is because our development, sourcing and project management teams consistently prove to be the best solution for any business looking to China for their production solutions.

OMiBJ provide the following services:

Product Development Consultation
Product Sourcing Contract Negotiation
Consolidations Services Project Management
Quality Control Client Representation
Supplier Verification Shipping Management

Our Man in Beijing employs a set of defined and successful practices for each area of service so no matter your project requirements we can tailor an ideal project plan for your investment. No matter the scale of the project OMiBJ will continue to successfully provide results for our clients.

Our extensive skill and cultural understanding continues to be critical to reducing supplier costs and negotiating terms. Your project management team will ensure your project moves ahead on schedule, continually providing relevant updates, whilst representing your investment right through to clearance at the destination port. Knowing your project is in safe hands lets you focus more resources on other objectives.

Our Man in Beijing has a significantly large network of suppliers throughout China, making any product type or factory accessible to you. Our product development, sourcing and project management teams are a mix of Chinese speaking expats and Chinese nationals with specific service related experience.