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OMiBJ offers a complete package of local and international transport management solutions. OMiBJ has long term relationships with local freight company and trusted international shipping companies, allowing your consignments to reach any destination with the minimum of fuss.

OMiBJ provides the following logistical solutions:

China Freight/ courier services


International Courier booking


China Customs negotiation/ advice


Shipping Consolidation
We provide shipping consolidation services for clients looking to baulk ship their products and save costs. We will arrange secure & convenient warehouses to store your shipment whilst determining and managing the best & most economical shipping quotation.

Shipping Management
If your project agreement with the manufacturer concludes when the last product item has been manufactured, we can organise all your shipping and storage requirements. We can arrange for secure and convenient warehousing to store your shipment and both determine and manage the best and most economical shipping logistics. We can also provide loading inspections.