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Product Development

Every product development project is different. However, almost all the start-up elements are the same… planning, security, selecting the right supplier. OMiBJ has a tried and tested process for all product development projects.

OMiBJ advocates a simple two step strategy to China development.

  1. Design, Prototyping and Engineering Control & Development
  2. Manufacturing Development, Production & Delivery

Through strict project management control OMiBJ maintains complete control of project development, from sample iteration control to final production. We make sure that every step is monitored and completed correctly. Your account manager will be in constant communication about each developed stage.

OMiBJ has experience and knowledge in the following areas of product development:

  • Plastics moulds & manufacture
  • Metal equipment and machinery
  • Metals tooling
  • Packaging
  • Electronic components
  • Wood
  • Glass and ceramics

OMiBJ has over 10 years of experience engineering and manufacturing products in China. We have long-term relationships with several excellent Chinese manufactures and intimately know their capabilities and capacities.