Problem Solving with Chinese Suppliers

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Problem Solving with Chinese Suppliers

At OMiBJ, we thrive for mutually beneficial business relationships between our clients and our Chinese suppliers. We elevate your business goals by selecting the best possible supplier, maintaining regular communication and supervision. As with doing business anywhere, there are occasional miscommunications and in worse situations even disputes with your business partner. When having a dispute with a Chinese supplier, it is essential to understand the situation and the best potential outcome.

Disputes with Chinese suppliers: What can be done?

In most cases, it is usually a minor form of miscommunication that we at OMiBJ solve within a day. If the situation turns out to be a more serious case, we will first of all speak with our client and inform that we suspect an issue. Now it is important to consider at which phase of the project this dispute has occurred. Our three-tier process for our product sourcing are Phase One: Pre Production, Phase Two: Production and Phase Three: Post Production.

With this in mind, if a dispute occurs during the pre-production phase, OMiBJ will consider a new supplier depending on the severity of the dispute. During Phase Two or Three, mediation will most likely be applied because our client will have higher investment and risk. We will always protect our clients interested through actions such as negotiating favorable payment terms, having legally abiding Non-Disclosure Agreements signed, doing background checks on our suppliers and inspecting their facility. All of these are part of our foundation when mediating disputes with suppliers.

The factories that we select and work with, have experience exporting goods abroad and understand our work process. We regularly check in with all our suppliers. Not only to make sure that productions are running smoothly and business goals are met, but also to ensure that healthy business relationships are being established that will essentially help our clients and our suppliers business grow.

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