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Chinese Product Safety

A common concern of importing products from China is Chinese product safety. Yet a rather uncommonly known aspect is that consumer/product safety is a very big deal for the Chinese domestic market. On March 15th is the annual World Consumer Rights Day which is a very important date and even an event in China. During a public TV broadcast (“CCTV March 15 Gala” ,晚会 3.15), a variety of platforms and companies are more or less publicly shamed for bad quality products or unfair pricing. The effect of this broadcast can lead to major backlashes for local and foreign companies selling their products/services in China. This is a pretty solid example of how relevant product safety is and has become for the Chinese domestic market, but how does this translate to their export industry?

Are there issues with Chinese exports & Chinese product safety?

In 2014 Chinese goods constituted 23 percent of all goods in the United States under the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) jurisdiction, but represented 51 percent of all product safety recalls posted by the CPSC. Since 2012 Chinese products have accounted for the majority of all CPSC-posted safety recalls.”

Source: Synder, Matt & Carfagno, Bart – “Chinese Product Safety: A Persistent Challenge to U.S. Regulators and Importers” – 23.032017 – U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commision

The excerpt above clearly shows that there are safety issues with Chinese exports to the United States. With OMiBJ, such defects can be avoided due to our strict QC inspection implementation and review. It should also be stated that over the course of the past years, Chinese product safety standards have improved significantly, both for products and workers. Noteable suppliers that we at OMiBJ work with, regularly certify for global safety standards/audits such as:

  • Global Security Verification Report (INTERTEK)
  • Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report
  • TÜV
  • ICTI

At OMiBJ, we not only look for suppliers that comply with your standards, but will look for suppliers that intend to increase their quality and safety standards over time and essentially grow their business with you.

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