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Pre-Production Sample

Pre-production samples are a key aspect for production in China. It will serve as a point of reference for the supplier and for yourself.

When will a pre-production sample be helpful?

During the product development stage, designers and managers often facing different obstacles such as appearance, functionality and innovation. The designer/owner/manager has an explicit idea and a fixed image of the product’s purpose, look and feel. This concept solidifies the purpose of a prototype followed by a pre-production sample.

A new product needs a suitable supplier, at Our Man in Beijing we strive to find the best possible manufacturer . With a reliable supplier that understands the requirements, a pre-production sample can be made. Ideally, a perfect prototype should be in place even before having a pre-production sample made. It can be a guideline and point of reference for a supplier. If a prototype is not in place, the sample may serve as such. Though it may require more than one iteration to perfect. At times, a supplier will not have the same understanding for the product as the client. To avoid misunderstandings, a pre-production sample can reassure that everyone is on the same page.

Without a pre-production sample the final production may have be different than planned. A minor misunderstanding can lead to a logo’s stitching being off or the product’s color not matching the given pantone. With Chinese suppliers, there is no reimbursement policy for productions. This means if there is no pre-production sample, the client has no proof that the products made do not match requirements.

At OMiBJ, we have extensive experience selecting suppliers from our pool of existing quality manufacturers. We consistently assess new suppliers furthermore, we  have a  policy of reminding our clients to have pre-production samples. Suppliers will charge an additional fee for a sample. This initial sample cost will pay off and will elevate your overall production and investment.

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